FiberLean MFC


Through the development of FiberLean® MFC the use of Microfibrillated Cellulose in full scale papermaking is now a reality. There are multiple possibilities to take advantage of the superior hydrogen bonding capability – “Natural strength”- of MFC.


FiberLean® MFC products are tailored for several packaging applications. In Folding Box Board, FiberLean® MFC applied in the middle layer increases the bonding strength allowing for bulkier – less refined – fibers to be used to further separate the outer layers increasing the stiffness of the board at any given basis weight. For the outer layers of White Top Linerboard and Cartonboard, FiberLean® MFC increases the opacity and strength of the top layer, whilst reducing porosity allowing for better coverage and basis weight reduction.

FiberLean MFC in packaging

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FiberLean® MFC

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