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Presentation2022.06.16Jon PhippsTappi Nano 2022: Helsinki, FinlandThe unique properties of Microfibrillated Cellulose and their exploitation in paper and paperboard
Presentation2022.06.14Sean IrelandTappi Nano 2022: Helsinki, FinlandKeynote Address: FiberLean MFC – It’s Like We are Printing You Money!
Presentation2022.05.03David SkuseTAPPICon 2022: Papermaking Additives, Charlotte, NC USACommercializing Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC) products: Regulatory aspects
Presentation2022.05.02Tom LarsonTAPPICon TechTalks: New Technology Showcase, Charlotte, NC USAUpcycling of Recycled Feedstocks: Conversion into Microfibrillated Cellulose (MFC)
Presentation2021.08.10Tom LarsonTAPPICon TechTalks: New Technology ShowcaseUpcycling of Recycled Feedstocks: Conversion into MFC Showcase
Presentation2021.06.28Per SvendingDigital Print for Packaging US 2021, Phoenix ArizonaFiberLean on Top: New coating development supporting digital print for packaging
Presentation2021.06.15David SkuseTAPPI Nano 2021 Virtual ConferenceProduction and Applications of Microfibrillated Cellulose and Mineral/ Microfibrillated Cellulose Composite Materials
Presentation2021.05.04Sean Ireland2021 TAPPICon Virtual ConferenceUse of FiberLean® MFC in Paper and Packaging Application
Presentation2019.10.01J PhippsSpecialty Papers USA in Milwaukee, WisconsinThe Use of Microfibrillated Cellulose in Barrier Coating Applications
Presentation2019.09.04Tom LarsonEUROMAT 2019 in Stockholm, SwedenMineral/Microfibrillated cellulose composite materials: Engineered minerals and product forms
Presentation2019.06.06J PhippsInternational Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials in Chiba, JapanBenefits of microfibrillated cellulose in Paperboard
Presentation2019.06.04David SkuseInternational Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials in Chiba, JapanMineral/ microfibrillated cellulose composite materials: Recycled fibres, engineered minerals and new product forms
Presentation2019.05.09Per SvendingTappi PaperCon in Indianapolis, USASubstituting pulp for filler is increasingly attractive for papermakers
Presentation2019.01.24J PhippsBiopolymerkolloquium, Potsdam, GermanyApplications of FiberLean microfibrillated cellulose in and out of the paper industry
Presentation2018.10.02Tom LarsonSpecialty Papers US, Appleton, WisconsinDevelopments in the use of MFC for End Market Applications
Presentation2018.05.14David SkuseTechConnect World, Anaheim, CA, USAFiberLean® MFC: High solids product from MFC/ mineral composite materials allow attenuated performance of functional minerals and cellulose microfibrils in a wide range of industrial applications
Presentation2018.04.24Per SvendingSpecialty Papers Europe in Cologne, GermanyDevelopments in Use of MFC in Packaging Specialties
Presentation2018.04.16Per SvendingTappi PaperCon in Charlotte NC, USACorrugated board surfaces suitable for water intensive printing
Presentation2018.04.16David SkuseTappi PaperCon in Charlotte NC, USAMineral/ microfibrillated cellulose composite materials: High performance products, applications and product forms
Presentation2017.09.06Per SvendingPTS Coating SymposiumMFC as coating binder
Paper2017.08.04J PhippsFundamental Research ConferenceThe effect of MFC on the strength and light scattering of highly filled papers
Presentation2017.07.06Per SvendingZellchemingMFC and its applications in papermaking
Presentation2017.06.06Per SvendingTappi NanoMFC outside of the Box
Paper2017.04.24J PhippsTappi PaperConApplications of co-processed MFC and mineral in Packaging
Presentation2016.11.12Per SvendingHawkins Wright Paper Week symposiumNanocellulose, threat or opportunity?
Paper2016.10.05J PhippsTappi Advanced CoatingApplication of a coating of co-processing MFC and mineral at the wet end
Presentation2016.09.06Per SvendingPTS Paper & Board symposiumNew Applications for Microfibrillated Cellulose in and on Paper and Board
Presentation2016.04.05Per SvendingSpecialty Papers EuropeMFC, a new dimension in papermaking
Press release2016.02.26IMERYS and Omya entered into exclusive negotiations to form a technology Joint Venture
Presentation2015.09.17Per SvendingSpecialty Papers North AmericaCommercial Manufacture and Application of Microfibrillated Cellulose in Paper and Paperboard
Presentation2015.09.17Jung LeeTranslated to KoreanCommercial Manufacture and Application of Micro-Fibrillated Cellulose in Paper and Paperboard
Paper2015.04.20Leslie McLainTappi PaperConMicrofibrillated Cellulose/Mineral Composites for Paper and Paperboard Applications
Presentation2014.12.09Jon Phipps/Per SvendingEfficient raw material resource utilization for paper through use of micro fibrillated cellulose (MFC)
Presentation2014.09.18Per SvendingPTS Paper & Board symposiumCommercial breakthrough in MFC processing
Paper2014.06.25Per SvendingTappi NanoCommercial breakthrough in MFC processing

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